Dec 1, 2017

Very Happy! My visits with Becky always result in pain relief. I have had different issues and she explains how she will treat each one. She is more than just a massage therapist. Her knowledge of the body and how it works is remarkable.

Joanne Terebesi
Nov 16, 2017

Simply the best! I have been going to Becky on and off through many years. Being in healthcare, I have a good understanding of what works and what does not... and she certainly helps to understand and get to the root of the problem. She is so knowledgeable on so many levels and has truly helped me through the years when traditional methods have not worked and helps to maintain my current level in a very healthy and organic manner. I simply cannot say enough about her..... very highly recommended professional!

Adam K
Oct 22, 2017

Aches & Pains - much improved! I was a Division I football player who incurred stress fractures in spine during playing days. Have had aches, strains, pains for 10+ years since graduating and always struggled to find help that offered a longer term solution. Becky has changed that, I feel better than I have years and highly recommend a consultative appointment with her to see if she can help you like she has me. Good luck!

Patricia R
Oct 20, 2017

Expert knowledge!! Becky is a phenomenal physical and deep tissue massage therapist. Her knowledge is so expansive and she thinks "outside of the box" to determine what's causing the issue. I began seeing Becky following surgery for frozen shoulder. I now have full range of motion, no more stiffness or pain. I tore my meniscus in June. Becky has uncovered that an abdominal scar from surgery 29 yrs ago is effecting muscular strength in my legs. She's getting my engine up and going! Becky is an amazing healer.

Alexis Law
Sept 21, 2017

No joke! Becky gets to the root of your problem and fixes it! If your looking for a day spa massage go to the mall. If you have a problem and want it fixed. Go see Becky! She ROCKS

Christie C
Aug 22, 2017

Excellent service for rehab!! Don't hesitate to book an appointment with Becky. She is a wealth of information, which I really appreciated. She explained the purpose behind everything she did, and everything she suggested I do at home. I highly recommend her!

Joe Burns
Aug 8, 2017

I feel Grrrreeat. Becky helped me work through some soft tissue issues I was having. Upon leaving, I am undoubtedly in much better shape. In the words of Tony the Tiger, "I feel Grrrreeat!."

Cathy Leon
July 29, 2017

Helped the whole family! My husband had used Becky and raved about her. So I received a massage from her and liked it so much that I referred my 15 year old son who always has a stiff neck. He then said it was the first time his neck hasn't hurt in over two years.

Deborah K
July 25, 2017

Great experience! Becky is an expert at diagnosing a problem and finding a solution that works quickly. I came in with a stiff, weak back and left feeling so much better -- so much more mobile -- and had a series of exercises to strengthen my body to avoid another injury. You have to admire a healer who heals. I highly recommend her.

Joanne T
July 23, 2017

Simply "The Best". I have been seeing Becky for many many years. She is an integral part of maintaining my attempt at a healthy and active life style! She is professional and incredibly knowledgable. She stays up-top-date on current modalities and alternative practices and works wonders on problem areas. She has fixed things that traditional medicine does not know how to and does not address the root cause of.... Cannot say enough about her and highly recommend to maintain health/wellness!!!!!!

Jeffery Kearney
June 29, 2017

A Plus! Becky is insightful, professional and right to the point. She gives usable, practical advice and exercises. She will be my first stop when things go wrong.

June 5, 2017

Five Stars! Most definitely the best massage therapist around! The massages are great and she knows what to do to prevent the issue from reoccurring. Very passionate about what she does and views things in a holistic way to find the underlying problem. Worth every penny!

Laurie Menyo
May 25, 2017

Life Saver! For over 13 years I have been dealing with pain following my first of two hip replacements. I had tried other places for therapy, massage and chiropractic care with no relief. That is until I started working with Becky. In just a few massage and personal training sessions, She has provided relief where I have not been able to achieve anywhere else. She is quick to identify, isolate and formulate a plan of action; getting muscles to trigger that have been weak or protected because of surgery.

Connie W
April 18, 2017

Miracle Worker! Becky is more than a massage therapist. She is a caring and knowledgable miracle worker! She could even put Humpty Dumpty back together again! She knows every inch of the body and how all the components interact with each other to make the body run as good as it can!!!! Truly a "Miracle Worker"!

Mackenzie H
April 10, 2017

The BEST! Becky is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She is truly passionate about her work and cares about her clients! Can't ask for more than that, go see for yourself!

Sue G
Feb 19, 2017

She is the best!Becky is the best! The combination of her physical therapy and massage therapist skills make her super qualified to handle most physical issues. I would not consider discontinuing my sessions with her!

Tracey D
Jan 31, 2017

First timer. Just had my first visit to Becky...Many friends and some family have recommended her. I have a frozen shoulder. She worked on it better than my PT ever did! She knows her stuff!