Sawatch CBD and how it has impacted my autoimmune journey

So hey there! While I’m patiently waiting for spring to come and have already planned another Jamaica trip for December, I thought I would talk a little about CBD.  It has become a buzz word lately and there are so many brands out there how do you choose?  And what does CBD even do?  Lets start with what CBD is.  It is a form of the marjinuana plant without the THC so it doesn’t get you high but you still get the anti inflammatory effects and pain management.  Legally (without a medical marjiuana card) you can get 0.3% of THC in your CBD.  If you get drug tested at work, be careful as depending upon the lab that is used the THC even in its smallest amount could show up on your drug test.

Did you know that cannabis has a long history of medicinal usage dating back to 2700 BCE.  It also has liver protecting properties, reduces inflammation, eradicates cancer cells and promotes healthy cell membranes.  There are many cannabinoids other than CBD such as CBDA, CBGVA, CBCA, CBN, CBG and different THC such as THCA, THCV.  These all have different properties depending upon what you are using it for.  CBD oil should also have terpenes in it too which provide the entourage effect when delivering your CBD to the ECS (Endocannabinoid system).  CBD has become very popular due to its effectiveness against epilepsy, cancer, seizures, tumor growth, muscle spasms, pain reduction, anti infllammatory,  insomnia, anxiety, and nervous system protectant.  Terpenes not only give your cannabis its smell but each one has a healing effect on the ECS.  Examples of terpenes would be pinene, limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool and many more.  Linalool reduces stress levels and anxiety.  Myrcene alleviates pain and inflammation. Limonene treats gastric reflux and ulcers and Pinene kills bacteria and increases cognitive functioning.

The (ECS) endocannabinoid system is a amazing network of cell level receptors positioned throughout your entire body.  It is most abundant in the brain but it is also found in your organs, skin, connective tissue and bones.  These cannabinoids produced by your body bind with the CB receptors to complete a neurotransmission process that affects every part of your body.  The goal is to achieve homeostasis or balance in every one of your metabolic processes.  The ECS is considered the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.  The metabolic processes that ECS help regulate are: mood regulation, appetite, memory, inflammation, pain perception, muscle tone and movement, extinction of traumatic memory, protection of nerves and brain tissue, bone growth, tumor regulation, stress management, eye pressure, gastrointestinal motility, seizure activity and many more!

If your buying CBD products that aren’t from me (not sure why you would do that:0) you need to make sure that they are from the US, preferably from colorado, kentucky, are organic and no GMO, are full spectrum and are not infused with other oils or smells, preferably are in MCT oil as this is the most efficent way to deliver the CBD versus olive oil and whatever else I have seen out there!  Is distilled using heat or air (Vapor distilled) and does not use Co2, butane and ethanol in the distillation process.  If you are concerned about heavy metals in your oil do not purchase anything that has been Co2 distracted and lab results are showing heavy metals have been showing up in the oil. 

Dosing is pretty simple,  start low and slow.  Everyone is different and will require and different dose.  Keep upping your dose either every few days or weekly until YOU are getting the desired results for whatever ailment  YOU are taking it for.  Children can take a lot more than adults.  Same goes for pets.  There are recommended dosing charts but ultimately it is up to you.  You can not take too much and you will not overdose.  CBD is also biphasic  meaning if you take it for anxiety, taking too much can give you anxiety.

There are many ways to take CBD oil.  Tinctures are probably the easiest, but can take longer to get in your system.  Placing under the tongue gets it into you faster (15  min ) versus ingesting in a edible or in your coffee since it now needs to get processed through your gut.  Vaping is the fastest but lasts 1-3 hours.  Edibles can take 30-45 mins to take effect but last 8 hours. There are also pain salves and patches.  Smoking works too but you risk the effects of smoking and inhaling the bad byproducts from smoking not to mention you waste about 50% of the CBD or Cannabis with smoking.

I have noticed so many benefits as I was pretty skeptical at first and didn’t know what to expect, but in 3 days I had a much rested sleep, wasn’t sore after working out, recovered faster, my mood was better and now I’m hoping to combat what inflammation is left from my autoimmune disease! I have even PR’d a bunch of my lifts after vaping a small amount 15 mins prior!  I have heard great success from my clients in regard to type 2 diabetes, lowered A1C, blood sugars lowered, anxiety gone, celiac and chrones more manageable, joint pain, tendon pain you name it!  I am so glad I was introduced to the owner of Sawatch and am enjoying not only the side income but all the people that have gotten relief from this!  Please reach out for any concerns or questions as I have become pretty well versed in the cannabis world these days:)