How things change


My whole world has changed over the past few years primarily due to the functional medicine Doctor who had treated me for my autoimmune disease.  He really got me thinking as to how we can actually heal the body and find the root cause of our symptoms/dysfunctions/pain, rather than just take pills which is just putting a Band-Aid over a bigger problem and one that doesn’t fully address the problem. Through this enlightenment, it has brought me to a different type of bodywork, one that searches and strives to find the root cause of your ailment rather than a temporary fix by just massaging the painful area.   It has brought me into understanding the change and complexity of the human body and how the brain, nervous system and breathing can greatly impact what happens at a physical level. I was also introduced to three main reasons of why you have pain. One: it’s actually it’s a structural issue. Two: it is a physiological issue. Three: it’s a limbic or emotional issue.   Pain and dysfunction can be complex and so are all the people that I treat. Each case needs to be assessed individually as there is no one size fits all.  Through all of this I’ve learned to not only heal my physical self (the autoimmune disease) but also the limbic/emotional issues that have led to physical problems in my body.   I have learned the only person that will make me happy is myself. I’ve learned to create boundaries, I’ve learned to get rid of toxicity in my life, I’ve learned to see the good in everything rather than focus on the bad, I’ve learned you can change your negative thoughts and can choose how you want your day to evolve as. You don’t just wake up in a bad mood, you choose to be in a bad mood.

Many of my posts on Facebook I really try to bring across the emphasis to illustrate how important many systems in our body are that can contribute to the neuromuscular dysfunction and consequently pain. The term neuromuscular refers specifically to our nervous system, brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Our muscles will function depending on what our brain tells them to do. Muscles are slaves to the orders given to them by the brain. How our muscles will function determines how our joints are able to move individually and in larger patterns to produce movement.  I utilize many ways to assess what movement patterns are dysfunctional using the fascia slings/ kinetic chains/ joint placement. I will start with using the intrinsic core kinetic chain as this is the powerhouse. Breathing and core stability are the foundation of our movement so this is why I start here. There are 5 kinetic chains and each one builds on the other.   

 Once we have the intrinsic core stabilized, then we can look at what shock absorption and leg drive are doing. Once we figure out that we build upon that and then assess how the skeleton can react during challenges of movement. Everything starts from the ground up, so if your feet can’t navigate the earth as your moving and can’t sense positions, the rest of your body will suffer. This is why I love training barefoot and hate arch supports and thick soled running shoes. You can change your foot mechanics and strengthen your foot.  

Slowly I have had to undertake this gigantic task of educating all my current and past clients of this multidimensional approach and have had to pretty much re-brand my business. Everyday I educate people of what it is I actually do because there is not many of us that are doing this stuff. I was getting tired of seeing the same people over and over for the same stuff. This left me scratching my head and ask the question, WHY? I want to know why is this muscle tight? How do I know if this muscle needs stretched or foam rolled? We all know where the pain is, is not where the problem is. I am the detective, looking to find the highest priority of your pain and knock it out of the park! So you can decide if your weekly PT/Chiro/massage appointments are really necessary and are you actually getting better? Or do you need to keep going back just to feel better. If you want to learn more about your body and how to actually help and heal your issues, then I’m the person for you.

Becky Coots-Kimbley