Lab work is now normal!

At the end of March 2017, after my gut is finally healed, I had my labs done again. Now if you remember from before my labs were awful! My vitamin D was 34 and after new labs were drawn was now 76! Cholesterol that was too low was now normal, my TSH had improved, my kidney function had also improved and my thyroid antibodies were lowering! All in all I was on the path to healing, I began to come off of many supplements and was still feeling good! I was still experimenting with food introductions and realized there were just some foods that would be off limits forever. At the end of May, I had more labs repeated and this time everything was normal. My A1C was no longer pre-diabetic, my cholesterol was normal, my kidney function was normal, my antibodies were slowly coming down and my vitamin D was normal.

In May I also had another thermography done, this one was a big change from the first one in that there was not nearly as much RED! The inflammation I had around my face and sinuses was almost gone, the red around my throat and upper chest was gone, and I had way less inflammation around my spinal cord, gut and diaphragm region now!

So in 6 months, I was able to achieve this drastic change in my health and felt like a new person! I tell everyone that I feel like I was given my life back! I never really realized how sick I was until I started feeling better. This will be a lifelong learning experience for me and I still continue to learn more everyday. The world of functional medicine fascinates me and has even sparked my interest in the type of courses I now take that look at finding the root cause of WHY you feel so sick, or have pain. I have now realized that pain and dysfunction can arise from many other places in the body that are not just structure, that it can come from the physiological, emotional, chemical, limbic or organ. I now don’t see the benefit of taking drugs that just make you ill when you can treat the underlying cause of why someone is sick. I now realize how important a good, clean food and water supply are to our health our future. If I can reach just one person with my story to make a difference then that’s all that matters.