Adaptable Polarity

So guys, I just returned from another awesome, mind blowing course from the weekend! It was Adaptable Polarity and was taught by Jordan Terry. If you don’t know him, look him up! I have become extremely curious about what the body can really do to heal itself, it is a very powerful thing(your body) when its healthy! Health means different things to other people, but to me it means not only physical health (like being able to cross fit injury free) but also social health, mental health, spiritual health and physiological health. Health is the people we surround ourselves with, who we let take our energy away from us, and if we can be grounded. What I learned this weekend is if your polarity or energy is balanced?

Did you know that your cranial bones need to move? Do you know how important it is to have cranial work done if you had a head injury, concussion, dental work, have TMJ and grinding issues? I learned not only how to work with the sutures in the cranium but also to allow the cranial bones to return to their normal positions without using anything forceful. Just light touch and breath. We revisited indicator muscle testing, so for those who have been in my office lately, you have experienced indicator muscle testing to assess and check my work. Did you know that putting your hand on your lateral rib cage can directly affect how the parietal bones move? This can also be used as an assessement and a treatment to then hone in on exactly where or what to work on again using indicator muscle testing. Do we need to work on a organ in that area, or a muscle or could it be a neurolyphatic point? We also learned how to assess spinal breathing and if the spinal segments can move freely during this. Yep and you guessed it, we learned how to balance all of that using the polarity (+ or -) of all our fingers. All of our fingers have an negative charge and positive charge. Depending on what you find you will balance out that charge and retest your indicator muscle to make sure things are correct. This work blends beautifully with Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment to really hone in on what exactly is going on in your system. If your quiet enough, listen, your body will tell you what it needs. Well enough of that for now! I’m packing for our next Jamaica trip and wishing this cold, grey winter was gone. Come in for a session to see how this can help you!